February 24, 2009

this is my mind it goes over and over the same old lines...


(before he cute his hair like Rod Blagojevich)

I just referenced Kate Nash and this is not even about her. Hmm. The lyric just goes hand in hand with today's subject: PlayRadioPlay! I say this because this is the thought that crosses my mind the most - why is Texas Dan (Dan Hunter respectively) so amazing?? Amazing is not even the right word, he is more like, well, as Caron says - magical.

I do not even know where to start, I have so much to say. Honestly, I do not even know what to write. I am just going to let my fingers go on a tangent (that is my favorite phrase of the day.)
I am madly in love with PlayRadioPlay! Dan Hunter is the only songwriter to consecutively write great song after great song (off topic - I just realized "song" is a very weird word.) There is not one song by him that I do not like. It's hard for me to pick a very best one. Actually I lied. Hands down, Elephants As Big As Whales owns. Actually, I am going to go as far to say that it is the best song of the 21st century. So, if you get nothing out of this entry at least listen to this song. Perfect examples - two of my best friends, one who is strictly Indie and one who is strictly Stoner (Bob Marley, Sublime, Slightly Stupid and so forth and so forth) I made them listen to this song and they both love it. Simply put - it is just a beautifully crafted song. That is all. Wait! I want someone to write a song exactly like this for me. Okay, now I am done.

Bad Cops Bad Charities
The nice cars they drive by fast
Sucking up many gallons of gas
you know it is true
Compliment Each Other Like Colors
Perfect title
I feel like my worn hands are empty waiting for God's new plans
Confines of Gravity
PlayRadioPlays! first single
This song reminds me of the time my mother took me to the Johnson Space Center and for the whole four hours I was there I wanted to be an astronaut, then we left and I dropped that dream.
At This Particular Moment In Time
I can relate
And I can see why you'd pick them over me
Dan also refers to himself as "the cream of the crop" which I love
Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
Favorite song on the EP
A joint or two just hangin out the window in September on the 28th I’ll be dethroned and sent to clean up my act4 months in a penitentiary where I can read and think I’ll make it home
Mr. Brightside
Better than the original

I drove ALL over Phoenix to about ten different record stores looking for this album the day it came out.
It was well worth the trouble, not to mention I love scavenger hunts.
I love the little tid bits of musical masterpieces between tracks.
Loco Motion
A powerful opener to Dan's genius piece of work
I'll keep a secret of why I miss you
Everyday you ease the pain
Everyday I stay the same
I'm A Pirate, You're A Princess
I love this song so much that I interpreted into three looks for a Fashion Illustration project.
Some Crap About Furniture
Coincidentally, I listen to this song on the drive home.
Madi Don't Leave
Probably my second favorite song on the album.
This also happens to be the song that really got me into PlayRadioPlay!
I used to listen to this on repeat for days.
Without Gravity
A showcase of, in my opinion, Dan's exquisite vocals.
In the vacuums of space
These feelings are erased
Without gravity
See You Soon
A preferred sing-a-long
You cried when you had to leave
Mascara stains on my sleeve
I was depressed and my stomach hurt
I kept the memories
I kept the shirt
I'm Afraid There's A Hole In My Brain
This reminds me of my uffl Caron
And I said we'll run until the sun burns out
And I'd like to know
Who wants to run until the sun burns out
And I'd like to
The answer to your question: Caron and I run until the sun burns out
More of the Worst
Listen and you might hear a sudden cease of laughter
No smiling ear to ear
My Attendance Is Bad My Intentions Are Good
You can literally hear Dan's feelings.
Not to mention this is my anthem right now.
I am getting into a bad habit of ditching class.
Corner Office Bedroom
The corner office is not my home
Because the city and the people all make me feel alone
Forgiveness, the Enviable Trait
Actually, I really wish I were not so forgiving.
The perfect ending to a perfect album.
Oh girl I've been told when I grow old Ill be alone
But I don't mind if I'm in Texas
Oh boy it's been said when I am dead I'll be alone
But I don't mind if I'm in Texas
Five Other Really Good Songs
(sorry your on your own to find these songs)
I was pretty damn stoked when I heard he did a cover of my favorite Pinback song
Juice Box, Paper Hat, and a Line of Pixie Stix
I have to post the entire song on here.
So many surfaces so colorless and bland
I’ve got so many colors in my new box in my hand
One day I’ll think about getting
But today I’m just gonna color the sky
Start with the blue draw circular clouds
Then with the green I add the food for the cows
Next with the red I draw a house too small
For any real person but that don’t matter at all
Brown bird with a triangular beak
Yellow legs with three lines for feet
A green car with circular headlights
Bust out the scissors, gonna bring this drawing to life
Mommy please don’t make me go to school
I wanna draw a castle and dragon in a swimming pool
Yellow starts in the black
Blue moon with a happy face these days that’s not right
Juice Box Paper Hat and a Line of Pixie Stix
I wanna be the one there
To draw you pictures and play with your hair
Virginia beach isn’t too far away from you
Maybe this summer it won’t be for me too
We've Been Searching the Sky for Answers
Are you kidding me??
Are you absolutely kidding me???
I cannot even believe how proficient this song is.
Something random that just popped into my head - this reminds me of the opening credits for Little Bear.
There Are Cooler Ways to Die
It is true, but I doubt there are cooler songs than this.
You can tell I am tired.
I am starting to sound really lame.
Same Outfit
"Hey! You're wearing the same jacket!"
"Hey, we're wearing the same outfit..."
If you actually read all of this and if you actually listen to PlayRadioPlay! would you believe he just merely turned 19? Would you believe that he records most of his music merely on Apple's Logic Studio, PropellerHeads' Reason 4.0, and Digidesign's protools (do not quote me on this) in his own recording studio? That is what makes it so hard for me to comprehend. I just cannot grasp how someone can be so talented.
I also highly recommend seeing PlayRadioPlay! live. I have seen Dan twice and even though every other band he was on tour with sucked (really bad, really really bad) they were both absolutely the best shows I have ever been to.
Also check out Dan's blog on his myspace. All too often I find myself bored in class and reading his blog.
This is a poor choice on my part. I say this because I mostly always laugh out loud at Dan's hilarity. I also find his topics of choice to be highly interesting. So... Dan Hunter is musically gifted, he is extremely witty, AND he is intelligent??? Before you think I am really creepy, just know I am not in love with him, I am astounded by him. Big difference.
- If you could have lunch (something along those lines) with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
- Dan Hunter, Duh.
Now you answer the question. I'm interested to hear.