October 16, 2009

Wild Rumpus!

Where the Wild Things Are

best scene in the movie, hands down.

I can't believe it is already over and done with. I hate when you spend so much time looking forward to something and it is over just like that! Like all things I've come to look forward to in my life, this did not let me down. I took my friend Tangelo along for this midnight adventure. I was adamant that we eat candy corn and popcorn and sip on root beer, nothing sounded more fall like than that.
The movie was definitely not what I expected, which I loved. It was actually way better than I thought it was going to be, which is saying a lot, I had very high expectations for the movie. I also was not expecting the movie to be funny, but Tangelo and I were on the floor cracking u
p for over half the movie. The only other thing that did not meet my expectations was that the movie was really quite sad the other half, a bittersweet movie indeed. I do not want to go into too much detail about the movie because I think you just need to experience it for yourself.
I expected Max's life with the Wild Things to be all fun and happy - not so. With a fake title of King, Max plans to build a fort and a family with the Wild Things (to put it simply his real mother and sister kind of suck.) Max actually makes things worse for the Wild Things and tears them apart. It is then he decides to go back to his own home. You will cry when Max boards his tiny boat. I had to cover myself in my sweater so no one would see me. I am quite certain that things restored to normal for the Wild Things after Max departed, and Max was quite happy to be home. So there is still the happy ending!
Everyone should really take the chance to see this movie. It is so great. I am already anticipating tomorrow when I will go see it at the Drive-In with my girlfriends. It is definitely not a movie for younger children. There are a few scary moments and the story line is more adult like.

Spike Jonze I commend you.

DIY - King Max's Crown

Card Stock
Distress Ink (tea, watercolor, or even dirt would be a good alternative)
Paper Towel

Hot Glue Gun

Draw your crown onto the card stock.
(I prefer my crown to be small and uneven)

Take your ink (or other alternative) and dab it on with a paper towel.
This gives the crown that dirty worn out look.

Cut your crown out.

Staple the crown together.

Cut two tiny pieces of the jute.

Hot glue the pieces of jute onto each side of the crown, looping the jute.

Insert bobby pins through the loops and your King Max crown is ready to be worn!

Happy Viewing!

October 15, 2009

All is Love.

Karen O and the Kids

So, imagine me coming into work and finding a gigantic Where the Wild Things Are display. I kind of stayed in that one little area my whole shift. I also got to pick up this little gem. I don't know if it was Spike Jonze, but whoever decided that Karen O was going to do the soundtrack - BEST. IDEA. EVER.
I have not stopped listening to it all month long. It's the perfect record for this time of year. It makes me think of brisk weather and gold leaves. I knew it would be a good album, but I kind of expected it to be a bunch of kids songs. Well, it's great for kids and it's great for everyone else too. I am just glad I finally have something to play when I am driving my little brother to get ice cream.
Igloo is the perfect intro for the album. Voice bits from the movie, humming, and great music. Once I listened to the whole soundtrack though I realized this was a common thread. In between songs, are clips from the motion picture to give you a sense of setting. Cliffs, Lost Fur, Food is Still Hot, and Sailing Home also feature just instrumental and humming. No worries, the music is amazing and humming makes all the easier to learn the words.
All is Love, the first single off the album is...I can't explain it. I will just say, this song can single handedly save the world.
I have been chanting Capsize all day long, you will too, trust me.
I think that Worried Shoes is my new repeat song for when I am stressed or having a bad day. Thankfully I have not had the chance to try it out yet.
Rumpus + Animal = Where the Wild Things Are
My second favorite song off the album is Heads Up, it's close to All is Love - but hey, you can NEVER have too many happy songs to fill your day.

Have a wild day!

October 13, 2009

Buffalo Bernard.

I thought that in honor of Where the Wild Things Are coming out this week, I would theme all of my posts.

I wanted to share some more of my "Bernard" polaroids. These were originally to be comprised for a Parson's entrance project. I decided not to pursue Parson's but kept the photos. A friend and I took a road trip around Phoenix and photographed Bernard (this is our given name, he is actually named Carol) in front of my favorite places. I thought you might enjoy a good laugh.
Home of the Octopus bracelet.
Good art, even better music.
If you're going to make a public phone call, best make it in a phone booth.

Nectar of the Gods.
A brief trip to the rain forest.

This is actually took place at QT, which is probably the main reason I will not leave Arizona.
Old school movie theatres for Indie movies.
Hands down THE best spot in Phoenix.Hooray for vintage!
Best seat at school.
Breakfast of Champions.

Take time to smell the coffee.
Driving home into the Sun.
I actually designed this feather dress to go along with my entrance project also. I loved it so much I could not push it aside, so it ended up as my last piect in my portfolio. Save the best for last.

striped, sequined backless bodice, scaled belt, and feathered skirt, eight hours to draw and color all those feathers!

The original design actually had a spiked necklace to imitate Bernards horns and teeth.