February 14, 2009

the Rose Captain.

Fridays are for fashion. I know it is Saturday {edit: Sunday, I'm sorry!! I'm still trying to get into the habit of blogging!}, but I am a busy little girl. Friday night I participated in my first fashion show! I was fortunate enough to be hired on as a dresser for Kevan Hall.

If I have learned anything from the Hills or the City it's this:

Kelly Cutrone: Why aren't you wearing black?

My favorite dress from the collection.

There was a lot of steaming dresses. There was mannequin dressing. There were rehearsals. There was a lot of waiting (the show was an hour late.) Then came the madness - I zipped, hung, and buckled faster than I ever have. And in a matter of 30 frantic minutes - it was over. Those 30 minutes, were one of the best minutes I have ever spent. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am so thankful to of had this handed to me. I can not wait until next time, better yet - I cannot wait until MY clothes are going down the runway!


Friday marked the first day of New York's fashion week!

Thank god for my iPhone so that I am immediately updated from Style.com

Dark somber colors {black and various shades of grey} as well as draping detail will be big for Fall 2009.


Cushnie et Ochs

Where is the rest of the outfit???

BCBG Max Azria

I'm a fan of BCBG but the weird gold/bronze leggings and the stalky dresses do nothing for me.

Costello Tagliapietra

I'm thinking this is just a bad photo of the model...



I'm not sure how I feel about these clear vinyl pants/leggings {whatever you wish to call them} ... I find them highly innovative, I just don't think I like them.


I am in no way a fan of one shoulders, but, are you kidding me??? This dress is amazing!! I just cannot get over it! Ugh! It is gorgeous! And the shoes! Oh, the shoes!

Rachel Comey


Rachel Comey

Still a hot layering mess, but it works.

Shipley & Halmos

I'm not a fan of Shipley & Halmos' womenswear...


Shipley & Halmos

The menswear was to die for!

I picked this look just for the "Ducky" factor. When I say "Ducky" I mean the character from Pretty in Pink , not an actual duck.



What can I say? I am a sucker for a comfy tank and tulip skirt.

Charlotte Ronson

I count Charlotte Ronson as one of my top five favorite designers. This collection was not my favorite but I still have mad love for the girl. This floral jumpsuit was my favorite piece in the collection {I love my jumpsuits and I love my floral prints!} I am loving the draping detail at the hips! This element showed up several more times in Ronson's collection, as well as several other designers.

Christian Cota

I've never heard of Christian Cota before, but after viewing the slide show of his Fall 09 collection - I fell in love. Assuming these adorable tailored shorts are not leather, I would wear these all the time - give my "leatha" leggings a rest. If they do happen to be leather, then I don't want anything to do with them - even though they are so cute. The navy tights have my main focus though. I can't wait to rock a pair come fall.

Christian Cota

This brings a whole new level to the little black dress.

Christian Cota

This has got to be the most awesome skirt I have ever seen. Seriously. I have never witnessed anything like this skirt. This is the kind of design that A) makes me want to go shrivel up in a corner, because, never in a million years would i think of this and B) inspires so much creativity in my head, to the point that I have no idea what to do with it.

Christian Cota

Umm...have I mentioned that I love Christian Cota?

I don't even know what to say...

Jason Wu

Love the Frida Kahlo headpiece.

Jason Wu

Color is a good thing.

Jason Wu

This reminds me of one of my mothers vintage prom dresses.


Stærk is another line I am unfamiliar with but so far it is my favorite collection. It was a collection that mixed tough with lady-like accents. Just my cup of tea. I really wish I had this bustier and skirt to wear as I danced to Madonna, circa 1980 of course.


I'm always buying mens t-shirts to wear as dresses, so of course I'm going to love the idea of a men's tuxedo jacket as a dress.


I told you I love me a great jumper. I am 172finity % positive this is the most absolute darling jumper I have ever seen. I need it!


This is my favorite look from the collection. I love the stirrup legging. I love the trench, even though I would have absolutely no where to wear it. Most of all I love the deer antler accent!

I was planning on updating more later on tonight but it's taken me 5 hours to post this with complications and I'm exhausted. I'll be back tomorrow with # 2, valentine's day, and of course more from fashion week!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The 2nd dress from Acne is so you! I too love the blue tights.
Complete happiness when viewing the photo of you at the fashion show. You are in your element.
I adore you~!