February 23, 2009

hold me closer tony danza.

Tiny Dancer

I am in a royally bad mood today, I share this because it goes hand in hand with number three of seventy-two (wow, have a looong way to go.)
The point is - I have found the perfect remedy for a case of the mean reds.
Get in the car, roll down all the windows (if your lucky like me, open the sunroof) and blast Tiny Dancer by Elton John.
If I said I were obsessed with this song, I don't think that would do my feelings justice (I just got a major case of deja vu, did I already write this line somewhere earlier???) Actually, I'm obsessed with Elton John. Period.
I am 93.7% sure that Tiny Dancer was written about me (even if it was written 18 years before I was born, ahem.)
A. Blue Jean baby - as soon as the weather allows it, I live in a pair of lucky brand blue jean shorts. Seriously, I NEVER take them off. As a matter of fact, today is the first day of the new year that has allowed for shorts. Guess what I'm wearing?
B. LA Lady - I swear this song had nothing to do with my decision to move to Los Angeles.
C. Seamstress for the band - hey mom guess what! It is seamstress for the band, NOT sings just for the band! I'm going to school for fashion design and when I marry my music man, I don't see why I wouldn't be the seamstress for his band...
D. Pretty eyed - I'm not gonna be cocky or anything...
E. Pirate smiled - actually, I have no idea what this means.
F. You'll marry a music man - ever since I was eight and discovered boys (more specifically Hanson, I really need to stop inserting parentheses) I knew I was destined to marry a man with musically talents.
G. Ballerina dancing in the sand - I was a ballerina, and I do dance in the sand. That's not saying much though. I dance everywhere.
The second verse of the song is the most perfectly written lines I have ever heard about Hollywood Blvd. Well, except for recently when Jenny Lewis just came out with 'Sing A Song For Them.' Not to mention the instrumental of the song is breathtakingly beautiful - I hear the opening and I am instantly calmed, and no matter what I HAVE to sing along. It's easy to, you saw last weeks clip from Almost Famous.
Well, this post wasn't weird at all.
PS - I have the best mother in the entire world. She bought me tickets to see Elton for my 20th birthday. I'm kind of excited, only a little bit...

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Elton was just amazing wasn't he? A week later and I am still thinking about that concert.
Thanks for sharing the experience. I love you Tiny Dancer.