June 2, 2010

and if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends.

i wish there were more hours in the day. i am halfway through summer break and i have not even begun to dent in on my list of things to do. i am un-welcoming myself into this so-called "real world" where you are always a few steps behind. the only thing i can say is that i have fallen behind, not from laziness (which is normally my style), but rather, taking the plunge and throwing myself out into the world (which is normally not my style.)

i recently (as in recently, this afternoon, recently) finalized an application for my first "real world" job.

if i do say so myself, this was a fine use of a 99 cent neil diamond record.

neil, he literally had to be pried away from my hands. it was an un-mutual, pre-mature break up, i can assure you. i just hope that we can make like stevie nicks and lindsey buckingham and it will be the best thing to ever happen to our careers.

so, not that it is anything new, but i am going to vanish - but only until my photoshop decides to stop being a dumbass (note to self: cut back on daily in-take of that 70's show.) i have decided that what i need, as i head towards a new school (arizona state university) and new areas of study (writing and music) is a fresh start. in light of my absence, i have left you a few of my favorite people for company.

the beatles by robert whitaker

bob dylan by barry feinstein

bruce springsteen by lynn goldsmith

lou reed and david bowie by mick rock

elton john by neal preston

david bowie, iggy pop, and lou reed by mick rock

robert plant and jimmy page by neal preston

the rolling stones by michael joseph

patti smith by frank stefanko

simon & garfunkel by elaine mayes

tom petty & the heartbreakers by lynn goldsmith

bob dylan with tom petty & the hearbreakers by neal preston

lou reed and nico by mick rock

the who by tom wright

May 17, 2010

pretend this is the poltergest II trailer...

what a crazy semester this has been. i am so looking forward to these next three months off to do just about nothing!

i have a stack of magazines/biographies to catch up on.
pools to lay by with my friend in our matching heart shaped sunglasses, a la...

go on a quest to make the perfect macaroon, this starts wednesday.

own every flavor lip smacker i can get my hands on...

is it cheating if i already own half of target's stash?

somewhere around here is where i rediscover how many joys pen and paper can bring.

make fun of every one's (or maybe just mine and enza's) lunatic hero, spencer, and his odd infatuation with crystals.

continue my on-going search for "face off" on dvd. oh, add every beatle's movie released to my list too. wait, i need every season of "that 7o's show" as well. ok, i am done.

i just decided i will also be drinking as much orangina as i possibly can before i, myself, turn orange and cry seltzer tears.

i also plan on spending a majority of my summer in los angeles with the love of my life, more commonly known as my best friend. we will cover ourselves in temporary tattoos, attend flea markets, cool off in chipolte where i will try to convince her i hate chipolte as i stuff a burrito down my throat, plenty of bobage and tomage, and of course what's summer without fighting the masses at the beach?

it cannot be summer without magical "pet sounds" following me wherever i go.

so, yes, if sudden scents of sea salt waft through your nose, you are unexplainably happy, and your ears are filled with a dreamy orchestral masterpiece, i am probably walking around nearby.

February 10, 2010

Lingering On In Wonderland.

Alice + Janice
i am sure you have figured out, i live in a dream world. i prefer to make up stories that are far more interesting than the dull drums of day to day life. pretending you and your friends are in dazed and confused while you drive around town is some odd number times better than, well, just driving around town. pretending it is the 60's or 70's is definitely waaay better than living in the millennium (except of course get an iphone.) see what i mean?
two summers ago one of my two best friends was living with me. fueled by boredom by being trapped inside (you see we really just wanted to sit in our makeshift cave all day but alas if we so much as lay a foot outside our skin would blister off) we created alter egos. thus, the emergence of alice + janice. so, instead of spending days over stuffing ourselves on chips and salsa washed down with numerous qt drinks and laying idly on the floor watching old nickelodeon programs (the one time the 90's were acceptable, and yeah, maybe hanson, and okay, full house too, so i guess the 90's were okay...) we replaced those days with dreaming up lavish stories about our two heroines.
janice is a very tongue in cheek kind of girl. her tough as nails attitude reflects onto her physical appearance. much like nico (her idol) she remains extremely mysterious. she struggles to find the meaning of her bain existence, living out of trunks and a vw bus so that she may come and go as she pleases.
alice on the other hand, is a delicate child like figure who is never quite there. if you see alice, she just may be laughing for no apparent reason. janice allows alice to accompany her for every now and again alice will let a profound thought seep out of her lips. and so, alice sits alongside janice in gypsy the vw bus, trying to spread love throughout the world.
now that my beloved friend has gone away to bigger and better things we relay stories through phone calls and so she sits in hollywood creating majestic puppet films inspired by the twosome while they inspire me to spend my days creating masterpieces.

the real reason i am writing of alice + janice is because at the beginning of the month the janice to my alice have decided upon a new tradition. at the start of every month we are going to give each other a playlist of songs we listened to in the past month. as i am sure you have figured out, i love a playlist. so i thought i would share alice + janice's january playlist.
ballad of sir frankie crisp {let it roll} - george harrison
sand francisco {be sure to wear flowers in your hair} - scott mckenzie
restaurant - the thrills
don't come around here no more - tom petty & the heartbreakers
rocket man - elton john
debate exposes doubt - death cab for cutie
sea legs - the shins
train underwater - bright eyes
eleanor put your boots on - franz ferdinand
(because sometimes you just need to put on a pair of boots and run through chelsea)
find my way back home - priscilla ahn
moon river - audrey hepburn
oh gin - the velvet underground
i will run to you - tom petty and stevie nicks
resurrection fern - iron & wine
cheaper than therapy - rogue wave
science vs romance - rilo kiley
the face that launched 1000 shits - death cab for cutie
no joy in mudville - death cab for cutie
search and destroy - the stooges
america - simon & garfunkel
river - joni mitchell
looking at you - mc5
reeling in the years - steely dan
tangerine - led zepplin
small time blues - pete drogue
mona lisas and mad hatters - elton john
oh my sweet carolina - ryan adams and emmylou harris
ceremony - new order
(because sometimes you need to put on a chanel gown and run through versailles)
beast of burden - the rolling stones
chinese children - devendra banhart

January 28, 2010

you were a goddamn prince sally kid.

Jerome David Salinger

you changed the way the world viewed literature.

you changed my life - no one has impacted who i am more than you.

i salute you. you, my hero.

January 26, 2010

i just might be a hypocrite...

sometimes (alot of the time) i fancy myself philosophical. i will sit and ponder one thought until i have reached an acceptable conclusion. as of lately, my thoughts have been directed towards my true feelings of fashion. i mean, i know that i love fashion - nothing makes me more excited than a great idea and executing it. but, i feel like i should be doing more. shouldn't i be stalking style.com or scouring the interweb and absorbing all the fashion my brain can handle every time i get on my desktop (which, lets be honest here, is a good portion of my day.) the truth is - it bores me. yes - B O R E S me. quite frankly, i am going to be researching why lindsey buckingham wrote "tusk" or if iggy pop really lived a portion of his life homeless on hollywood. so, maybe i love music more than fashion. i think i am allowed to love more than one thing in life. well what do you know - there is my answer. the two are synonymous to me. i work from music. so i guess i will just keep searching the history of tin pan alley for funsies and be silver spoon fed fashion through the likes of nylon, my collection of fashion books (girlfriend, if you have seen my apartment you would know i have very unhealthy impulses to buy every fashion book within eye sight) and various fashion blogs. oy, thank the heavens for the fashion blog. i do not have to even think about going to vogue.com anymore - they do it for me. also, is it not fascinating how three different girls can wear the same miu miu skirt in three very different ways? that is what i love about fashion - how everyday people put together these fabulous pins and needles creations? okay, now i am just rambling on. actually, i do not even know why i am going to post this. it was just something i had to do. i am not too sure why i felt that because i do not like spending my spare time looking at this seasons collections meant i am not a true fan of fashion. oh man, i am so ridiculous. i will just keep going with the random posts. so maybe tomorrow (by tomorrow i mean next week most likely) i will talk about how amazing led zeppelin is, or i will post a drawing, or (this is where i think i may be getting a little hypocritical, but, that is okay, i find it hilarious) i will post about that faux fur vest i saw at h&m that would probably be way more glam in my closet than on the racks there. who knows! the whole point of where the quaint things are is my third love in life - writing.
okay! onto more things (actually, one thing) that just may be hypocritical (a tad) or not...
the other night while half asleep i flipped through the dec/jan issue of teen vogue and i quickly became very much awake when i noticed these suckers -

marc jacobs resort 'o9

the point is - i need them. they are majestical jewels that must be worn upon my feet. i am pretty sure that stevie nicks would have worn them back in the day, which is probably why i am going to save (omg i cannot even believe i just wrote that, saving is something that i have NEVER done in my life) to buy them for myself as a graduation present.

some other instance in which music + fashion = bananas...

this morning out of boredom i glanced through the iTunes celebrity playlists. i skipped dumb people (99% of the playlists) and found that some people i thought would be interesting (ahem armani) were in fact - not. so then i noticed rachel zoe (by far the most entertaining person i have met by way of television) and had a feeling her playlist would be bonkers. i click - i die! so today, she is my spiritual soulmate.

rachel zoe's playlist

love street by the doors
(i am not going to admit i actually like this song because in almost famous lester bangs called jim morrison a drunken bafoon which means that i cannot like him either even if he is ridiculously good looking, like really ridiculously good looking)

bittersweet symphony by the verve
(ok, maybe not this song...)

tiny dancer by elton john
(you now understand where i say "spiritual soulmate" also she mentions almost famous - i repeat spiritual soulmate, but, just for today)

everybody hurts by rem
(i actually really really really hate rem but i always find this song comes on the radio at inappropriate times which makes me laugh, which i guess is the point...)

shes always a woman by billy joel

green eyes by coldplay

lay, lady, lay by bob dylan
(a billion sighs)

peggy-o by the grateful dead

jungleland by the boss

landslide by fleetwood mac

all i want is you by u2

dont tell me by madonna
(maybe not this song either...)

get together by the youngbloods

oh, you were crazy if you thought i would not post tom petty's playlist as well. it is only five songs, but still, it is pretty damn good. i have just been getting into rhythm and blues (no, not r&b or beyonce, i am talking joseph spence blues blues with harmonicas and banjos, that real dirty southern stuff.) so, it was kismet that i came across this today (good thing too because you know i purchased it without even thinking to see what was on the playlist.)

tom petty's playlist

high heel sneakers by tommy tucker

tulane by chuck berry

i can't be satisfied by muddy waters

i can't stand myself (when you touch me) by james brown
(in his commentary explaining why he chose each song tp writes "talk about funky!" under this song, pretty much funniest thing)

you don't love me (you don't care) by bo diddley

happy listening!

January 20, 2010

as my mother would say ... back to cool!

the ironic thing is that i am not cool what so ever. i am well aware of this fact, and i am more than perfect with it. i guess you could say it is part of my charm? not to mention, all my heroes often refer to themselves as uncool. so, maybe ... that means that i am cool? i do not know, i do not even know why i am rambling on. my cool factor has nothing to do with this post.
the point is - today is the first day of the semester!
i believe in a previous entry i mentioned my love for the school supply. i have accumulated quite the collection of pens and pencils so i forbade myself to even go down those office supply aisles. i did need something to store these writing utensils however. i searched high and low but never found anything to my liking. one day i realized i had two perfectly adequate craft closets i could raid - i could just make my own pencil pouch! i found this great tutorial online and set myself to work (if i could even call it that, pft.)

this is my prototype i decided to give to a friend. i strayed from the instructions and it did not turn out quite how i wanted it to.
i thought with the color scheme of the ric rac it would be best to just use muslin.
i feel like it gives it more of an earthy feel anyhow!
this is the lining i used.
i wish you could see it in person, so cute!

this is my second bag that i just had to use for myself!
as you can see i went a little overboard on the creative level.
i used some leftover muslin that i had hand painted a while ago.
do you not love the tiny flowers?
i have no clue where the idea for the zipper pull came from. i just woke up this morning and went right to making it. maybe i had a dream about it?

for the lining i just used a simple metallic silver cotton.

my freshman year of high school i decided that it was time to grow up. the hello kitty notebooks had to go! i bought myself a simple binder and made the cover myself. every semester i would create a new collage. i have kept all of these from the past seven years. i love looking at them and seeing how much or even how little i have changed.
what do you think this semester says about me?
i apologize for the glare! plastic is just so shiny!

for christmas my mother gave me this marc jacobs backpack (yeah, i know, she is really really ridiculously awesome.)

i have been dying to use it for the past month! i, however, felt it needed to be more personalized!

i hand painted this spider using gouda.
for color, i used extremely watered down fabric paint so that the colors could run.
i never knew what to do with the spider (why i even made a spider mystifies me, i am terrified) and somehow sewing it onto this back pack felt perfect.

i think i have unidentified issues with zippers. i cannot just leave them, they must have a zipper pull! but, it is cooler that way anyhow.
marc jacobs rat keychain.

lady bug lip gloss i received in my stocking.
i love how the wings open!

i attached this plastic key (sea foam to match the rat!) with ric rac.
'a' is for...

i ran out of nifty zipper pulls.
i was told i would be getting some keychains of tp for valentines day.
so until then, this heart will do.

for those heading back to school - good luck this semester!

January 17, 2010

vinyl on vinyl.

for the past several months i shielded myself from conversations such as "you'll never believe the amount of records my dad just gave me from his vinyl collection" or "holy cow! today i bought the best dylan record for like a dollar!" whenever these conversations popped up, i would layer invisible brick and mortar in front of me, and there i would sit smugly. i was too cool for records.

then i received this from my mother for christmas...
it was not just a record. it included a poster, lyric book, scrapbook, and everyday i wonder if i send in money with the form if they will still except me for the elton john fan club. i thought, why not. what could possibly be the harm in owning one record?

then a mere two days later my manager handed me a rhinoceros record. i was a little curious as to how this ornately beaded rhinoceros brought back to life from the 60s jammed.
the next day as i happened upon my weekly pilgrimage to bookmans to buy a book for school, i subconsciously found myself in the back of the store. i was pawing through records searching for madman across the water. i kept searching, determined. as each record flipped forward my heart beat faster and faster. it had to be there, i could feel it, i somehow knew it was there. of course, it was the very last record in the stack. i clutched it close in silence. as i opened my eyes i noticed a curious old man watching me.
haven't you seen a true fan of music before? i asked.
he walked away, leaving me with my beautiful album.

there was nothing wrong with owning my favorite album of all time, right?
i mean, i HAD to have it. unfortunately, i decided the same thing for three more records.
fleetwood mac by fleetwood mac
damn the torpedoes by tom petty and the heartbreakers
tumbleweed connection by elton john
I had started a vinyl collection without even really thinking about what i was doing.
a week later, my friend and i decided to go goodwilling. of course, this lasted all of ten minutes. we found ourselves at eastside records. i walked in looking for some dylan albums but along the way down the aisle, i got sucked in by the love of my life. mr. tom petty. i walked out with hard promises.
i did not even realize until later that day, i had forgotten all about bob!

zia records was right across the street so naturally we just walked right on over. i was surprised to find wings wild life (linda and paul mccartney) in my hands.

done! no questions asked.
unsatisfied, we drove downtown to visit our friends at revolver records. we sat on the floor for three hours sifting through the $1 record bins.
tom petty and the heartbreakers

make it big by wham!
sometimes i am nice and buy things for my mother.

the wild heart by stevie nicks

new morning by bob dylan
voices by hall and oates
secretly my favorite purchase of the day.

rumours by fleetwood mac

joy to the world by three dog night
i guess the harm in owning one record is that you cannot just own one record. i have gone mad! i have cooled down a bit, but only because i refuse to buy an album until i have found southern accents (second best album of my life thank you very much) by tom petty and the heartbreakers. i realize that i could just go online and buy it but whats the point? there is something magical about finding that one record you have been looking for in a gigantic stack of other records. the anticipation eating away at you. it is just more gratifying to find something suddenly and unexpected than opening your mailbox and finding something you have been waiting on.
i wrote in all lowercase today, because i realized as i drafted this post that i never use capitol letters. i want this blog to be as true to my writing as possible. do you mind? would you prefer that i used correct punctuation?

bean is half a year old today!