February 17, 2009


The Plastiscines

I first heard of the Plastiscines, oh, about a year ago? (thank you Nylon.) Intrigued by the bands prettiness and the fact they were french, I lurked their myspace page. That was a bad idea. I quickly became obsessed, and there was no way I could get their album. Lucky for me, Auntie Tara, came to the rescue (as always, she just totally rocks.) She scoured the streets of Paris looking for their debut album LP1, and was about to give up hope when she hopped into a small little dive of a record shop. Lo and behold their it lay.
The album was worth it. The Plastiscines divide their lyrics between English and French, either way I sing along. It is a great album to get ready to. It is a great album to dance to. It's a great album for anything I spose...
Check out the first single "Loser," which coincidentally means the same thing in both French and English. My personal favorite is "(Zazie Fait De La) Bicyclette" a song about, well, bicycles, and the swinging 60's. "Pop In Pop Out" is filled with fun guitar riffs and I love Katty's accent, that especially shows through. Even though I have no idea what the song is about, I perfect my french while singing "Tu As Tout Prévu." "Lost In Translation" may or may not have been inspired by the movie, whatever, it's still a good song.
Check out both "Shake (Twist Around The Fire)" and "Mister Driver" in this movie/music video. You also get to check out the girls' great style (provided by Urban Outfitters of course.)

I know I said I would be updating from Fashion Week but my week is a little hectic. I'm still keeping up, I'll just be posting one gigantic post later this week.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

If I were 20 and wanted to be in a girl band I would totally try out for the role of drummer.

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