February 10, 2009

The Most Evident Utensil Is None Other Than A Pencil.

Every Tuesday I want to write about new artists (sometimes not new artists, whatever I feel like) that I am currently listening to. I hope you find something new to add to your already corpulent iTunes playlist.


Chairlift is a 3 piece electronic band from Brooklyn, New York. I first heard them back in September as I was shuffling through my friends iPod as she was off at film school. I instantly fell in love and I spent the rest of the weekend with Sarah dancing to their album Does You Inspire You in her apartment, in the car, on the streets of Hollywood. Everywhere. We could not stop dancing.

"Bruises" is Chairlifts first single off Does You Inspire You, for a reason. Simply put - it's the best song on the album. I guarentee you will fall in love with this song. Now that it is February, I am listening to this song on repeat. It is the perfect love song for someone who has horrible nostalgia, like me. "Bruises" really takes me back to my days on the playground chasing boys (ahem, Brad) around on the playground. The end result? Bruised, grass stained knees and a kiss on the cheek.

"Somewhere Around Here" is a heavenly duet (all the songs are, but this one is just, wow.) It really showcases Caroline's voice, I get chills when I put this on. It's a very soothing song, and I am a highly stressed girl. I just can't stop listening.

"Evident Utensil" is such a quirky fun song! It reminds me of "Bruises" but it I still find it to be a great song. I literally giggled the first time I heard it. "Evident Utensil" really comes in handy when I am dozing off to sleep in my Portfolio Development class. Seeing as how the most "Evident Utensil" is the pencil, it makes drawing that much easier.

I really wish that I knew of Does You Inspire You when I was admist breakup with my last boyfriend. Chairlift shows a more serious side with "Make Up Your Mind," "Don't Give A Damn" and "Ceiling Wax." He couldn't, well, make his mind up and eventually I just had to tell him "Quite frankly, m'dear, I don't give a damn" and then promptly walked out of the room and he never saw me again.

Go dance under the stars or go on an adventure in the desert.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

"I tried to do handstands for you"


Love it.