February 10, 2010

Lingering On In Wonderland.

Alice + Janice
i am sure you have figured out, i live in a dream world. i prefer to make up stories that are far more interesting than the dull drums of day to day life. pretending you and your friends are in dazed and confused while you drive around town is some odd number times better than, well, just driving around town. pretending it is the 60's or 70's is definitely waaay better than living in the millennium (except of course get an iphone.) see what i mean?
two summers ago one of my two best friends was living with me. fueled by boredom by being trapped inside (you see we really just wanted to sit in our makeshift cave all day but alas if we so much as lay a foot outside our skin would blister off) we created alter egos. thus, the emergence of alice + janice. so, instead of spending days over stuffing ourselves on chips and salsa washed down with numerous qt drinks and laying idly on the floor watching old nickelodeon programs (the one time the 90's were acceptable, and yeah, maybe hanson, and okay, full house too, so i guess the 90's were okay...) we replaced those days with dreaming up lavish stories about our two heroines.
janice is a very tongue in cheek kind of girl. her tough as nails attitude reflects onto her physical appearance. much like nico (her idol) she remains extremely mysterious. she struggles to find the meaning of her bain existence, living out of trunks and a vw bus so that she may come and go as she pleases.
alice on the other hand, is a delicate child like figure who is never quite there. if you see alice, she just may be laughing for no apparent reason. janice allows alice to accompany her for every now and again alice will let a profound thought seep out of her lips. and so, alice sits alongside janice in gypsy the vw bus, trying to spread love throughout the world.
now that my beloved friend has gone away to bigger and better things we relay stories through phone calls and so she sits in hollywood creating majestic puppet films inspired by the twosome while they inspire me to spend my days creating masterpieces.

the real reason i am writing of alice + janice is because at the beginning of the month the janice to my alice have decided upon a new tradition. at the start of every month we are going to give each other a playlist of songs we listened to in the past month. as i am sure you have figured out, i love a playlist. so i thought i would share alice + janice's january playlist.
ballad of sir frankie crisp {let it roll} - george harrison
sand francisco {be sure to wear flowers in your hair} - scott mckenzie
restaurant - the thrills
don't come around here no more - tom petty & the heartbreakers
rocket man - elton john
debate exposes doubt - death cab for cutie
sea legs - the shins
train underwater - bright eyes
eleanor put your boots on - franz ferdinand
(because sometimes you just need to put on a pair of boots and run through chelsea)
find my way back home - priscilla ahn
moon river - audrey hepburn
oh gin - the velvet underground
i will run to you - tom petty and stevie nicks
resurrection fern - iron & wine
cheaper than therapy - rogue wave
science vs romance - rilo kiley
the face that launched 1000 shits - death cab for cutie
no joy in mudville - death cab for cutie
search and destroy - the stooges
america - simon & garfunkel
river - joni mitchell
looking at you - mc5
reeling in the years - steely dan
tangerine - led zepplin
small time blues - pete drogue
mona lisas and mad hatters - elton john
oh my sweet carolina - ryan adams and emmylou harris
ceremony - new order
(because sometimes you need to put on a chanel gown and run through versailles)
beast of burden - the rolling stones
chinese children - devendra banhart