August 31, 2009

you mean I can incorporate coffe AND books???

I apologize for the lack of updates. If only I could be like my mother, never sleep and never miss a blog post. I on the other hand, love my sleep. I am pretty sure I could spend an entire day sleeping. Thank you, anemia. I need to be more disciplined. I can do it! I have had many new things going on in my life. First, I left my mothers nest (literally, her house is decorated corner to corner with birds and nests.) I am out on my own! I love having my own place, I feel more at home. I do miss my mother, although she has never really given me a chance to miss her. I do however, miss the furry little red thing that followed me everywhere I went and kept me company as I slept through the night. Hopefully each time I leave him will get easier. Second, I started a new job! I am still within the company but have moved to a sister store. I am very excited that I will be able to feast my eyes on all the amazing eye candy (clothing and shoes I mean, not the beautiful indie boys that frequent there.) Third, I started school last week. I have great classes (creative writing!) and not so great classes (pattern and graphic design, blech.) As you can tell, I have rarely had a second to rest! That is not true, I always make time to sleep...

The Coffee Table

So I suppose this post goes somewhat along with my last. For me, a coffee table is just one more surface to display books. I am not sure if you noticed but the word "coffee" appears in "coffee table." So of course, I am nuts for them. When I was furnishing mi casa, I could not wait to search for a table! I wanted something simple, yet something whimsy that has my name written all over it. Of course, I guess it should not matter. I can tell you right now that it will only be littered by my mass amount of books and an even larger amount of empty coffee cups.

If there were such thing as the perfect table. This is it.
Convertible Table
This little table is interesting. It adjusts so that it may be whatever height you wish.
Bello Albero Coffee Table
This table comprised of rustic wooden planks and iron would fit right into the woodsy feel of my living room.

Jet Set Storage Bench
I am all about using ottomans as coffee tables. They look cooky with books sprawled across them. Use a tray to hold wobbly items, such as flower vases and latte bowls. They also triple as an extra seat, extra storage, and a place to rest feet.
This is the table that eventually wound up in front of my red couch. It was very simple, yet the black/brown wood effect gave it the extra whims I was looking for. Plus, my mother liked the $12 price.