January 26, 2010

i just might be a hypocrite...

sometimes (alot of the time) i fancy myself philosophical. i will sit and ponder one thought until i have reached an acceptable conclusion. as of lately, my thoughts have been directed towards my true feelings of fashion. i mean, i know that i love fashion - nothing makes me more excited than a great idea and executing it. but, i feel like i should be doing more. shouldn't i be stalking style.com or scouring the interweb and absorbing all the fashion my brain can handle every time i get on my desktop (which, lets be honest here, is a good portion of my day.) the truth is - it bores me. yes - B O R E S me. quite frankly, i am going to be researching why lindsey buckingham wrote "tusk" or if iggy pop really lived a portion of his life homeless on hollywood. so, maybe i love music more than fashion. i think i am allowed to love more than one thing in life. well what do you know - there is my answer. the two are synonymous to me. i work from music. so i guess i will just keep searching the history of tin pan alley for funsies and be silver spoon fed fashion through the likes of nylon, my collection of fashion books (girlfriend, if you have seen my apartment you would know i have very unhealthy impulses to buy every fashion book within eye sight) and various fashion blogs. oy, thank the heavens for the fashion blog. i do not have to even think about going to vogue.com anymore - they do it for me. also, is it not fascinating how three different girls can wear the same miu miu skirt in three very different ways? that is what i love about fashion - how everyday people put together these fabulous pins and needles creations? okay, now i am just rambling on. actually, i do not even know why i am going to post this. it was just something i had to do. i am not too sure why i felt that because i do not like spending my spare time looking at this seasons collections meant i am not a true fan of fashion. oh man, i am so ridiculous. i will just keep going with the random posts. so maybe tomorrow (by tomorrow i mean next week most likely) i will talk about how amazing led zeppelin is, or i will post a drawing, or (this is where i think i may be getting a little hypocritical, but, that is okay, i find it hilarious) i will post about that faux fur vest i saw at h&m that would probably be way more glam in my closet than on the racks there. who knows! the whole point of where the quaint things are is my third love in life - writing.
okay! onto more things (actually, one thing) that just may be hypocritical (a tad) or not...
the other night while half asleep i flipped through the dec/jan issue of teen vogue and i quickly became very much awake when i noticed these suckers -

marc jacobs resort 'o9

the point is - i need them. they are majestical jewels that must be worn upon my feet. i am pretty sure that stevie nicks would have worn them back in the day, which is probably why i am going to save (omg i cannot even believe i just wrote that, saving is something that i have NEVER done in my life) to buy them for myself as a graduation present.

some other instance in which music + fashion = bananas...

this morning out of boredom i glanced through the iTunes celebrity playlists. i skipped dumb people (99% of the playlists) and found that some people i thought would be interesting (ahem armani) were in fact - not. so then i noticed rachel zoe (by far the most entertaining person i have met by way of television) and had a feeling her playlist would be bonkers. i click - i die! so today, she is my spiritual soulmate.

rachel zoe's playlist

love street by the doors
(i am not going to admit i actually like this song because in almost famous lester bangs called jim morrison a drunken bafoon which means that i cannot like him either even if he is ridiculously good looking, like really ridiculously good looking)

bittersweet symphony by the verve
(ok, maybe not this song...)

tiny dancer by elton john
(you now understand where i say "spiritual soulmate" also she mentions almost famous - i repeat spiritual soulmate, but, just for today)

everybody hurts by rem
(i actually really really really hate rem but i always find this song comes on the radio at inappropriate times which makes me laugh, which i guess is the point...)

shes always a woman by billy joel

green eyes by coldplay

lay, lady, lay by bob dylan
(a billion sighs)

peggy-o by the grateful dead

jungleland by the boss

landslide by fleetwood mac

all i want is you by u2

dont tell me by madonna
(maybe not this song either...)

get together by the youngbloods

oh, you were crazy if you thought i would not post tom petty's playlist as well. it is only five songs, but still, it is pretty damn good. i have just been getting into rhythm and blues (no, not r&b or beyonce, i am talking joseph spence blues blues with harmonicas and banjos, that real dirty southern stuff.) so, it was kismet that i came across this today (good thing too because you know i purchased it without even thinking to see what was on the playlist.)

tom petty's playlist

high heel sneakers by tommy tucker

tulane by chuck berry

i can't be satisfied by muddy waters

i can't stand myself (when you touch me) by james brown
(in his commentary explaining why he chose each song tp writes "talk about funky!" under this song, pretty much funniest thing)

you don't love me (you don't care) by bo diddley

happy listening!


Birgit said...

hahahaha your waiting can stop now! It's finally opened, find it here : www.taukawebshop.blogspot.com <-.

I love the playlist btw!xxxx

Linda said...

I get such a kick out of reading your blog. First of all, I think you're trying to give my 45-yr-old eyes a work out with the small text, lol, but that's what my reading glasses are for and don't change a thing - I like it.

And, yes, I do believe Stevie Nicks wore those shoes, and if I even so attempted to wear those, I would meet the rolling eyes of my daughter and fall down and break something, but you go for it because I'll bet you will look fantastic in them. :)

Love reading the playlists - I don't really have one, because I get bored too easily so I'm constantly switching about to various types of music. I just ordered a Never Shout Never new release for daughter and Fireflight's upcoming release and while listening to both, found myself intrigued, but shhh - don't tell Sarah about that.

Happy Wednesday,

Mimi said...

Great shoes for some one young!!!!
But wow those are HIGH!!!!!
I would fall and break my ankle again!!!!!
it's ok to love many things!!! You can do anything!!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My baby say what?

The shoes however I understood. They are seventies fabulicious.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert years ago, and I also saw Bob Dylan and Elton John. Dylan sang with the Rolling Thunder Review and also with Joan Baez. When she did "Diamonds and Rust" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", the audience went wild, and I think Dylan was a tad jealous. JMO.

When I saw Elton John perform, he had passed his early stage that I liked ("Tumbleweed Connection" was THE best of ALL of his albums back then) and was into glitter rock, but he put on a fabulous show and sounded just as good in person as he did on stage.

Fleetwood Mac was a wee bit disappointing. They weren't on top of their game when I saw them. But I love the song, "Landslide." Great number.

And while I never saw the Doors, "Love Street" is probably their best song ever or at least my favorite. Love that!

Led Zepplin was always a favorite of mine, too. I just read something recently about them. There's a song that Eva Cassidy sang and that Judy Collins made famous that was written by an English singer who died in her thirties. The song is "Who Knows Where The Time Goes". Anyhow, the girl who wrote it (Sandy Denny) is the ONLY person outside of Led Zepplin that was ever asked to be a guest singer on a Led Zepplin recording. The song on that recording was "The Battle of Evermore", and she sang a duet with Robert Plant.

As to the shoes, I can remember wearing tall platform-sole shoes that were black with ankle straps. I can also remember dancing in them, and it's a miracle I didn't break an ankle! Go for the pink! They're fun! But remember to watch your ankles. ;-)