January 15, 2010

Friday Night's Alright.

Quick post just to dabble. I refuse to go some odd 100 days without blogging ever again!! I even felt that these past days were far too long. So I impulsively decided to write this here post, no draft, no nothing - just me writing. Although, I have been getting better at reading and commenting other blogs. Alas, Rome was NOT built in one day as opposed to popular contrary belief - one step at a time.

Not to rub it in or anything but it would seem that the rest of the country/world may not be having the best weather but here I am in Tempe, Arizona basking up the sunny 75 degree weather. Although, I am only enjoying the weather on the ride to work or through open windows as I work at home. The thing about me though is that I can never just do one thing at a time, I prefer the speed of doing 10 things at a time (for instance right at this moment I am browsing for new music, doing my weekly expenses, working a cup of coffee, working a cup of apple juice, pondering about what I should wear to lunch today, and texting SGOM.)

Lately, I have been carrying this big daddy (and pens of all odds and ends) around with me everywhere I go.

Now I can work, chat with friends over coffee, drown out conversations I am not too interested in, take a 10 minute break - all while letting my creative outlet out to play for a minute or so. This is the ultimate rainy day (or sunny day or snow day, how about, every weather day?) colouring book! I bought it last month and I cannot keep my nose out of it. I found mine at Anthropologie but it is sold on Amazon for quite a few dollars cheaper. I promise you will not be disappointed. Maybe when I have coloured in a few more pages I will do another post?

I am going to my mothers later to work on a top secret project, stay tuned for that next week. I will work on another post in the meantime.

Happy Weekend!


Linda said...

Ha! I can never do just one thing at a time either - my mind is always working on something else, and I have a bunch of things going at once. Keeps me interested :)

Your new book looks GREAT!

Can't wait to see what your secret project involves!

And, we are having our own heat wave this week - with temps back in the low 40's, which is incredible for January here. Though when it does this, I always hope that it will just get back to "winter when it's supposed to be winter" because last year, we had colder than normal temps all summer with one of the coolest Augusts on record, so I would just like the seasons to be well.. uh... you know, SEASONAL.

Hope you have a great weekend too! Take care!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I can't wait to see your big girl coloring book. Do I get a page?

the guilty hyena said...

Happy Weekend enjoy the weather!


C. said...

Ah, that book seems amazing! My love for doodling/coloring and fashion combined!