January 20, 2010

as my mother would say ... back to cool!

the ironic thing is that i am not cool what so ever. i am well aware of this fact, and i am more than perfect with it. i guess you could say it is part of my charm? not to mention, all my heroes often refer to themselves as uncool. so, maybe ... that means that i am cool? i do not know, i do not even know why i am rambling on. my cool factor has nothing to do with this post.
the point is - today is the first day of the semester!
i believe in a previous entry i mentioned my love for the school supply. i have accumulated quite the collection of pens and pencils so i forbade myself to even go down those office supply aisles. i did need something to store these writing utensils however. i searched high and low but never found anything to my liking. one day i realized i had two perfectly adequate craft closets i could raid - i could just make my own pencil pouch! i found this great tutorial online and set myself to work (if i could even call it that, pft.)

this is my prototype i decided to give to a friend. i strayed from the instructions and it did not turn out quite how i wanted it to.
i thought with the color scheme of the ric rac it would be best to just use muslin.
i feel like it gives it more of an earthy feel anyhow!
this is the lining i used.
i wish you could see it in person, so cute!

this is my second bag that i just had to use for myself!
as you can see i went a little overboard on the creative level.
i used some leftover muslin that i had hand painted a while ago.
do you not love the tiny flowers?
i have no clue where the idea for the zipper pull came from. i just woke up this morning and went right to making it. maybe i had a dream about it?

for the lining i just used a simple metallic silver cotton.

my freshman year of high school i decided that it was time to grow up. the hello kitty notebooks had to go! i bought myself a simple binder and made the cover myself. every semester i would create a new collage. i have kept all of these from the past seven years. i love looking at them and seeing how much or even how little i have changed.
what do you think this semester says about me?
i apologize for the glare! plastic is just so shiny!

for christmas my mother gave me this marc jacobs backpack (yeah, i know, she is really really ridiculously awesome.)

i have been dying to use it for the past month! i, however, felt it needed to be more personalized!

i hand painted this spider using gouda.
for color, i used extremely watered down fabric paint so that the colors could run.
i never knew what to do with the spider (why i even made a spider mystifies me, i am terrified) and somehow sewing it onto this back pack felt perfect.

i think i have unidentified issues with zippers. i cannot just leave them, they must have a zipper pull! but, it is cooler that way anyhow.
marc jacobs rat keychain.

lady bug lip gloss i received in my stocking.
i love how the wings open!

i attached this plastic key (sea foam to match the rat!) with ric rac.
'a' is for...

i ran out of nifty zipper pulls.
i was told i would be getting some keychains of tp for valentines day.
so until then, this heart will do.

for those heading back to school - good luck this semester!


Mila said...

Great backpack!

Bella said...

what a cuuute backpack :) and I love your collages!
thanks for following me :) I love alice in wonderland too! yeah. xxx

Birgit said...

Coool stuff!

Really? 'Cause I would love to make one for you haha, if you really wanna order one you should check out my blog around sunday/monday cause that will be the date when my webshop will open :)

x Birgit

Nina said...

You are soooo creative! Getting ideas from your project!

fadetoblack said...

wow i love looking at the old binderss!!

Della said...

Love your binder covers...for some reason, I can never bring myself to cut up my magazines. I need to break that bad habit.

Fashion By He said...

cool pictures

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


-He approves

Linda said...

Well... I think you are super cool and I'm amazed at all of your creativity. It's wonderful! I loved having a peek at all of your binders and the pencil cases are great!

I hope you have a fantastic semester! The school year is flying by.

Emily Anne said...

Cute, cute! Love the pencil cases. :)

Sweet blog too.

Xoxo- Emily

Jess said...

oh i used to always look forward to back to school shopping :) i love you bag and how you've personalized it!

Lexi Colby said...

loving the marc by marc backpack! xxx
thankyou for your comment !

Della said...

Never gave grey a thought? The horrors! It's only my favoritest color ever. :)

Style Bird said...

I love the notebooks..I'm going to do that with mine.

Romy said...

very cute pencil cases and lovely blog :)

Mimi said...

Very cool!!!!
And I think you are very cool!!!!

Hayley said...

Love the DIYs!
check out my blog too:D
xx, Hayley