June 9, 2009

ugly shy girl.

Kate Nash

Several months ago, I had to come to the conclusion that Kate Nash is my musical soul mate. Every time I listen to her album Made of Bricks (which is many a time, side note: this album cover is one of my favourites of all time, too cute!) I have to stop and think because I swear on my life that she wrote these songs for me. I get the spooks. I keep listening though because I have her voice and majestical piano skills. Basically, Kate Nash is everything I want to be. Not only am I green with jealousy over her musical abilities, she is cute as a button with the best vintage wardrobe ever. EVER. Oh I forgot, she's from England so she gets to have a really charming accent.

Made of Bricks
Okay technically, I have never been in this situation. I wish, but no. I should grow a back bone.

Just look how cute she is!
Spoken like a true old fashioned girl.
This song has been dedicated to a plentiful amount of boys. That's all.

I know I have mentioned this song before. I just love it. I spend hours fantasizing the events in this song coming to life. I cannot tell you how much I would love for a boy to say "birds can fly so high and s*** on your head yeah they can almost fly into your eye and make you feel so scared but when you look at them and you see that their beautiful that's how I feel about you" as a means of trying to tell me he likes me. Oh boy, where art thou?
We Get On
I tend to flip head over heels in a highly unhealthy way for boys. I come up with a million ways to talk to them in my head, yet I can never seem to bring myself to bring these plans to action. So I usually resort to day dreaming in class. I swear I have never felt anything for any of them, but truthfully it is all the same. Then they usually chose the girls that are not so, I am going to say nice, but that is probably too polite of a term. Then I wallow in self-despair for a few days or so until I can find a new boy to swoon over.

This is for all the girls who never fit in and never thought twice about it.
Skeleton Song

This song hits close to home. It is definitely the song I most identify with.
Nicest Thing

This has to be the sweetest "love you from afar" song ever written. Countless times I have claimed this song to be for one boy or another. Although, it is usually a short time period before I am dedicating "dickhead" for these so said boys. Although there is one boy I have dedicated this song to that I have never gone back on my word. He also happens to be the first boy to receive the honour of having me dedicate such a beautiful song to. Not that he would ever know, or anything...
Merry Happy
It is very hard not to be "merry happy" when you listen to this song. Come on, who doesn't like dancing at discos and eating cheese on toast??

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

She is indeed darling!

Perhaps you could add in a few ***@@@### when typing certain words?
Remember, everyone has access to this. :) Spoken like a true mom.