June 15, 2009

Handle with Care.

Road Trips

Oh the beloved road trip. What is more fun than driving in the car with your friends? Nothing, is the answer. Lately, I have taken to road trips just around Phoenix. This takes about an hour and a half and I typically prefer the company of myself. It is a great way to escape from the outside world and relax. I favour driving at night. It is nice to trade city lights for star lights, city scapes for desert scapes. There is nothing like looking up through your moon roof and being surrounded by the unworldly night sky. It is during these moments I feel most infinite. I will confess I love road trips for the pure reason of gas station food (I would literally die without QT, where else am I able to find banana mocha's that only cost me 89 cents?) The best reason for driving long distances, of course, would be the music. I do not understand why, but, listening to music in the car is a totally different experience from any other forms of music. Maybe it is because you can scream along without anyone hearing you.
Top 10 Essential Road Trip Songs
1. Here Comes the Sun - the Beatles
2. Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie
3. I Must Belong Somewhere - Bright Eyes
4. Steal My Sunshine - Len
5. Execution Of All Things - Rilo Kiley
6. Lake Michigan - Rogue Wave
7. Time to Pretend - MGMT
8. Loro - Pinback
9. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
10. Hoppipolla - Sigur Rós
My biggest dream in life is to own a VW Bus and travel across America, just like Kerouac's journey from On the Road. The ultimate road trip.
A girl can never keep too many journals (or as my good friend Tangelo calls them, Books of Feelings.) I keep a journal for just about everything. I have everyday journals filled with quotes, thoughts, poems, and short stories. I have several journals dedicated to fashion (these also include tabs on the latest beauty trends, as well as diy projects.) I even have a journal dedicated to deciphering the Catcher in the Rye. My absolute favorite place to purchase journals is Frances, which is located right here in Phoenix. If you are not a resident of Arizona, I suggest heading over to fredflare.com or your nearest Urban Outfitters for yummy paper goods.

You can't tell that I enjoy making lists right? Stepgirlfriend first got me into list making. I marveled at her mass amounts of lists and I knew I just needed to start my own collection. I started with a bucket list of sorts (although, I would rather die than actually coin it a bucket list.) I then went list crazy and making lists for everything! To-Do lists, books to buy, magazine articles worth reading again, and dumb things boys say to me. I have Post-Its scattered around my room, half of the storage on my iPhone is probably lists on the notepad, and my favourites list on my Internet toolbar is getting slightly out of hand. Thank Budah for Stepgirlfriend, who recently bought me a book of various Post-It sizes, (Alice themed of course) now I will never lose my lists. I should also invest in a Listography profile too...
The Daisy

The daisy has always been my favourite flower. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that the Daisy is my birth month flower or not. They are so pretty and delicate. Not to mention, they can grow in a array of intense pigments. I am excited to move into my new place and grow my own daisy garden. If it turns out I do not have a green thumb, I am more than happy to fill my abode with carefree imitation daisies. My infatuation does not end with flowers though. I am a fan of daisy dukes, which in my opinion are the only acceptable bottoms, if bottoms MUST be worn at all. My first jewelery set was a sterling silver necklace, bracelet, and earrings that resembled a chain of daisies. Daisy duck has always been my favorite Disney character. I named my phone Daisy, and yes, my perfume of choice is Daisy by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

School Supplies

I have a strange infatuation with school supplies. Every September I get an itch and insist on buying new supplies, although my need for them went away several years ago. Every time I am in Target, I find myself migrating towards the supply sections. There is just something about an adorable writing instrument. Jars filled with coloured pencils and marker pens sprawl across my desk. Boxes of crayons find themselves tucked into every crook and nanny my room will possibly allow. I have a hard time fitting novels onto my bookcases, due to the fact that notebooks and 3-ring binders tend to take up most of the space on the shelves. I have an entire drawer filled to the brim with pens and pencils (not a small drawer either, might I add.) I am sure I could supply a school with scissors and tape...for five years. It is an illness, an illness I refuse to recover from. My all time favorite? The Crayola box of 48 crayons.

I think I am caught up. Next week I can start going back to one item. On Friday I actually wanted to blog about the projects that took up my time, but I had a misshape. Hopefully by this Friday everything will be squared away!

I am really excited for this week. My mother and I are changing our lives! I have pulled her over to the dark side of vegetarianism (well, for the most part, I have caught her eating a few hamburgers. For shame!) I guess I should say we are practicing more healthy eating habits. Tonight for dinner I cooked pasta with sauteed garlic veggies. Delish! I am getting quite accustomed to this domestic thing! We also are working on bettering our selves! Stay tuned for details.

I took this picture last Wednesday (I believe, I could be wrong) and I wanted to share it with you. I took it with my iPhone from Tempe Beach Park.

Today my sister and I went to Two Hippies. I cannot even describe this place, it is just so neat. We are going back for dinner on Friday and I will be sure to take pictures for you! I had a Desert Pear Lemonade and for my refill I decided on a Blueberry Lemonade. Hannah tried the Rasberry and Acai flavours. If you live in Phoenix I would highly recommend giving Two Hippies a try!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What hamburger? :)

I love that Tang~Books of Feelings.

You've been holding out on me~Two Hippies~where is this place?

Your new porch has room for a daisy planter.

Laura said...

Nice list but I couldn't go on a road trip without music!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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