June 8, 2009

twice is nice, five times is better.

Where the Wild Things Are
Much like the rest of the world at this moment - Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favourite books of all time. I remember reading it over and over as a child. The children's book written by Maurice Sendak (a favourite author too) perfectly captures the heart of imagination. It is a sweet story with kooky characters - just the way I like my modern fairy tales. It goes without saying that I am wound up over the live action movie coming out in October. With all the recent hoopla regarding the movie, I have been able to rediscover a childhood nostalgia. It has vastly inspired me - including a feathered dress and a Polaroid project. I also just saw a pack of little boys briefs with the characters on them, I need to hunt these down.


I have a crazy hippy friend. I mean this with love, and I know she would take this as a compliment. So my dear crazy hippy friend believes that everyone has an animal spirit. She herself is a raccoon, and after months of speculation she decided that I was a deer. I have always been a fan of this whimsical creature (note all the deer references in my profile) but as of late, I would say I have jumped aboard a crazy train. I have found myself having to tear myself away from various deer objects. Sometimes I am not so successful, and at this rate I am fairly certain that soon I will be able to gather enough memorabilia to fill my enchanted forest that will one day be my home. Right now I am on the look out for a faux deer head or an antler chandelier (although an Adam Wallcavage octopus chandelier is my first choice.) And of course looking back at my mother's deer post, I must have all of that too.


There is something about a photobooth that I cannot quite put my finger on. They are the most intimate look into a persons life. I try to hop in one every chance I get, and every time I look back I can pinpoint the day the photo was taken. My fondest memory of the photobooth is from my fifteenth birthday. My beloved Auntie Tara took me to an upscale restaurant in Philadelphia. I cannot remember the name (I am also too lazy to text her and ask) but it is probably the best Mexican cuisine I have ever put in my mouth. Not only did they have killer guacamole but in the center of the dining facility was an old school photobooth. As you can see my Auntie and I had some difficulties with it, but five years later it is my most treasured possession.


This picture is too funny, also I have an obsession with Lady Madonna so it fits. The point of this story though is that during my senior year I made the transformation to being a vegan. A close friend of mine had gotten me into it, and I spent most of my meals at Taco Bell. Of course this caused health issues and I had to give it up. A few years and quite some research later I decided to give it another whirl. There is just one problem - cheese. I do not consume much food but these are my staples: pizza, quesadilla, macaroni and cheese (stouffer's please), and grilled cheese sandwiches. I do not know if you see a common ingredient or not... So, I have settled for vegetarianism. Eventually, yes, I think I would like to be a complete vegan. It is not something I am passionate about. Yes, I do believe in animal rights (no fur or leather for me!) I cannot pinpoint an exact cause for my choice but nonetheless it is part of who I am.

The Mix Tape

If you have not noticed by now, I am a fan of the mix tape. I guess technically in today's world it would be the mix CD. I suppose this love affair began around the time I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky. The mix tape was a focal in the protagonist Charlie's life. It was around this time that I began to perfect the art of mixing. If you have ever received a mix from me, well, you should be honoured. I save these objects for those I care most about (or those I know will truly cherish them.) I start with a theme or at least a specific individual in mind. Then begins the search process to finding songs catered to the mix. I like to leave booklets in the case. The cover could be precisely detailed or simple enough to get the job done. I leave a track listing on the inside and the last page is most often covered with a doodle or note. It takes time but it is time I do not mind spending.

I must get back to downloading all of my Bob Dylan albums into my iTunes. It may take awhile, hah. Today I am making lunch for my sister and I (veggie cheese burgers, fruit, macaroni salad, and lemonade!) After, we are going downtown to scour the vintage stores for furniture.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Is Sarah the racoon? Love her. Thief of hearts.

FYI, alot of great info. You could have broken these down into 4 seperate posts.

I love that lady who wrote that deer post. She is so talented.

TRay said...


I so love the photo booth post...starring us!!! The restaurant is "El Vez" & they still have that booth! I have the copy of that photo strip displayed in our guest room...one of my very favorites, too!

Love your blog!!

your tara