September 7, 2009

Take another little piece of my heart.

Grandma Karen

This is my maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her, but that does not mean I love her any less. I believe that she was once the loveliest lady that had ever lived, as proved by this photograph I stole it from my mother. I used to keep it in my pillow and I would clutch it as I spent nights crying over teen angst. This picture now hangs in a small frame on my wall, next to my pillow. I find myself talking to her, usually when I am upset but I think she likes to hear good things too. I do not know much about her but from what I hear, well, you know what they say ... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I credit her for my love of all things 60's. I thank her for bringing Janice Joplin into my life, the idea of VW Bus trips across America, and most of all - my mother.
I had a very nice relaxing weekend! Saturday, on the account of a rare rainy day I left my front door open (yes mother, the screen door was locked,) I lit some candles, and dove into Voyager (the third installment of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.) I do not normally read romance novels but after hearing my Auntie Tara rave about it and seeing my mother and stepfather fight over them, my curiosity was growing. It was Stepgirlfriend (who is obsessed with the series, she has two rows on her bookshelf dedicated to Gabaldon including First Editions, both paperback and hardcover, and signed copies) however that finally got me to actually open Outlander. As much as I hate to admit it, I am enjoying it. I think that it actually deserves its own blogpost, so I will stop right here.
Last night, after work I drove over to the west side of town and spent the night at my mothers. Today we made a great decision to watch movies all day, a rather mini vacation if you will. Of course we had to press pause and run out to Paradise Bakery for a veggie sandwich and coconut chocolate chip cookie.
Also, today my iPhone decided to take up scuba diving! It dove right off my mother's ottoman right into a nice tall glass of ice water. Who do you think won? I am rather bitter about my phone's decision, seeing as how my life was stored on my phone, including the list of 72 things. I suppose it is quite alright. I can compose a new list. Which actually is not a bad idea, seeing as how my life has changed drastically since I birthed it.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am so hoping that the phone will decide to make a full recovery. Fingers crossed!
It was so lovely to spend the day with you.
I forgot to mention that cousin Amy and her husband David, had a lovely little boy named Joshua Luca on Thursday. Aunt Bette and Uncle David are thrilled!
Mary and Dan have moved to Australia with their 2 little girls. Shall we move there?
When out shopping for your brothers birthday gift I recommend a personalized tattoo~ Lil Shug. :)

Linda said...

I loved reading your update - hope the phone works out. But most of all, I LOVED reading about your Grandmother and your love for her, which if you search through my blog, you will see many articles about my love for my grandparents, particularly my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom), whom I never knew. I've always talked with her my whole life (she was gone long before I was born) and I also feel like I received much of my interests from her spirit. She is the woman in the photo on the header of my blog. :)

TRay said...

Hey, Smoochie. Your grandmother is one of the most beautiful people I've ever exotic and most definitely a lover of life. Nice post. advice is to stop at book 3. Yes, STOP. The story just plummets from there...I couldn't even finish book 6. Books 1-3 are great, though.